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Permanent Staffing

Permanent staffing can be defined as those employees who are appointed as an employer for over a long period of time. The requirement for employing on a permanent basis is the first and foremost priority of all organizations to grow their businesses smoothly and successfully. This is the most challenging task for any company. The permanent staffing process involves hiring the appropriate candidates to work as employees on a permanent basis or for a long time. These employees will receive benefits offered by the company such as retirement policies, medical benefits, and gratuity policies.

The permanent employment agencies are engaged in getting you the right candidate at the right time. All this is done in coordination with the HR-departments of their client organizations. The agencies are expert in providing permanent staffing from the top-most level to the bottom level of the organization. These agencies are well aware of their client requirements and help them in getting the right candidate that perfectly matches their needs. ANR Tech is one of the most prominent and experienced Recruitment process outsourcing company that is engaged in serving you with high-quality manpower for ages.

ANR Tech follows the following functions while giving permanent staffing services:

  • Screening resumes.
  • Conducting technical tests, aptitude tests and other ways of in-depth interviews.
  • Verifying the references.
  • Negotiating salaries.

In addition to the above-mentioned functions, we also help our client in developing a customized recruiting plan. Our aim is to serve in the best way possible and make sure that the onboarding process goes smoothly.